ROR Fleet Services

The ROR Fleet Services IT division develops customized software solutions at affordable prices.

General Considerations

The ROR MHE fleet management solution was developed with the following considerations:

  • Requirements from more than 100 companies were addressed.
  • All stakeholders were included.
  • Database was done following normalization rules and include relations between entities.
  • Latest technologies were implemented.
  • Efficient algorithms were created and implemented to build amazing features.
  • Screen navigations were thought out with user friendliness in mind.

Problem Description

ROR decided to bring those amazing software skills to non-MHE companies because regardless size companies face the same issues in the development of software solutions:

  • Business requirements are not taken properly.
  • Processes are not implemented as they are supposed to be, sometimes backward.
  • Solutions are not designed correctly.
  • Senseless algorithms are implemented.


The consequences of the above missteps are:

  • Unhappy stakeholders
  • Unfulfilled business requirements
  • Extensive training programs
  • Management frustrations
  • Slow processes
  • Complex report generation
  • Over budget development expenses.


ROR develops software solutions that are affordable, user friendly, expandable, and simply the best in the areas and technologies described below:

Areas Technologies
Databases Microsoft SQL, FileMaker
Enterprise Mobile Applications iOS, Android
Web Applications PHP, HTML5, VB, .Net, HTML5, Node.js, Javascript, CSS, FileMaker Data API, Open Source
What if Business Models Excel, VBA