ROR Fleet Services

ROR Fleet services provides its clients with an all-in one fleet management program, offering the following services:

ROR Services and Comparisons
ROR offers a Global, Do-It-Yourself solution with Total Cost of Ownership solution. The following table allows a comparison between ROR MHE Fleet Management functionality against the capabilities of other marketplace offerings.

Service ROR Fleet Services Other MHE Fleet Management Service
Owned Forklift Tracking Yes
Owned Battery Tracking Yes
Owned Charger Tracking Yes
Owned Misc. Equip. Tracking Yes
Leased Forklift Tracking Yes
Leased Battery Tracking Yes
Leased Charger Tracking Yes
Leased Misc. Equip. Tracking Yes
Repair Invoice Analysis and Approval Yes
Rental Invoice Analysis and Approval Yes
Repair Quote Analysis and Approval Yes
Rental Quote Analysis and Approval Yes
Maximum Number of Company Organization Levels Mapped 6
Two Vendor Organization Level Mapped Yes
OSHA Daily Inspection Sheets Yes
Employee Certification Tracking Yes
E-Commerce Invoice Payment Yes
Repair Tracking Yes
Rental Tracking Yes
QR Code Technology Yes
Globalized Yes
In-House Developers Yes
Google SSO Yes
Amazon SSO Yes
Microsoft SSO Yes
Parts Inventory Management Yes
Invoice Transparency Yes
Customizable Repair Codes Yes
Dynamic Organization Structure Yes
Free Additional Development Features Yes
Mobility Yes
Real Time Updates Yes
ID Self-Creation Yes
Password Control Yes
Performance Metrics Yes