Why ROR Fleet Services

Guaranteed Cost Savings

With ROR, companies save money by:

  • Minimizing time spent paying invoices.
  • Removing high operationally cost equipment.
  • Lowering repair costs
  • Lowering fleet management fees.
  • Minimizing time becoming OSHA compliant.
  • Canceling expensive software licensing.

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ROR includes all MHE fleet management features requested by employees from more than 100 companies. Click Services to compare your fleet management services with ROR’s. If there is a service that ROR is not offering, please click Service Request and let us know how we can help you with your unique service need.


ROR has been designed by professional software architects. So, new modules and features can be easily added. ROR doesn’t charge clients for adding requested development features. For example, ROR could easily add tractor trailer, vehicle, drone and many more fleet management services.


Companies can manage both their overseas and USA MHE fleets. Then companies pay their global MHE invoices using ROR.


ROR provides MHE repair codes, forklift daily inspection items, and safety trainings. However, companies can add their own fleet management requirements to our system.


Companies share with vendors information that facilitates the latter to learn MHE repair history, employee certifications, etc. This feature allows vendors to provide companies better services, and for vendors to get paid more promptly and accurately.


ROR maps up to 6 company levels. This allows company high level managements to make critical MHE comparison among their organizations. In addition, ROR maps 2 vendor organizational levels for vendor consolidation.

Real Time Capability

Companies and vendors are communicated in real time with approval status of invoices and quotes.

Companies and vendors can run unlimited number of ad-hoc reports that include newly added records.

Free Consulting

Companies have access to consultants for recommendations in any ROR areas of expertise.


ROR is an MHE fleet management universe where companies, vendors, fleet management organizations, financial institutions, and E-Commerce establishments play a significant role to determine Total Cost of Ownership.

Unlimited Reporting

Companies can run unlimited Ad-Hoc and customized reports. In addition, companies can have automatically designed Excel reports.


ROR is integrated via API with Bill.com for account payable and account receivable services. It integrates Google, Microsoft, and Amazon authorization capabilities.  It integrates QR Code technology for easy web page access. It integrates MS Excel with VBA for data analysis. ROR can easily integrate to other solutions via EDI and API.