ROR Fleet Services

ROR provides quantitative and qualitative benefits to companies. Some ROR’s quantitative benefits can be calculated in Your ROI. However, the following table shows additional benefits

ROR Benefits and Comparisons
ROR solution has been developed to optimize all aspects involved in managing an MHE fleet. The following table allows a comparison between the benefits ROR MHE Fleet Management provides against the benefits provided by other marketplace offerings.

Benefits ROR Fleet Services Other MHE Fleet Management Service
Downtime Reduction Yes
Equipment Optimization Yes
Accident Reduction Yes
Vendor Satisfaction Yes
Avoidable Repair Reduction Yes
Best Vendor Rate Yes
Total Reduction of A/P Complexity Yes
Lease Expense Reduction Yes
Easy Repair History Easy Access Yes
Easy Rental History Easy Access Yes
Paperless Yes
Accountability Yes
Repair Response Time Optimization Yes
Parts Warranty Enforcements Yes
Labor Warranty Enforcements Yes
Minimize Double Taxation Yes
OSHA Compliance Status Yes
Hybrid Repair Shop Support Yes
Fleet Management Expertise Yes